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it's a bit like when Bea's dead husband reappeared later in the show as someone else.

Glad Po-Face is getting a mention on here. A bit like Vera, she was a complexed character, capable of being a kind-hearted soul one minute and a complete and utter bitch the next (plus she had some of the best lines).

Never really like Ann Reynolds though. Nicolson gave it her best shot but she just didn't have that campy glamor that Erica had.

Just out of interest....does anyone know anything about the infamous catfighting back stage? I think I read that Meg and Bea had that special Joan Crawford/Bette Davis relationship.
To put it mildly Val Lehman and Elspeth Ballantyne hated each other. Val has made no secret of this.

According to rumours Val was getting a concession because she lived so many miles away from where they filmed PCBH. Not just Val, but anybody that lived 20 miles (example) away from the studio received this travelling expense.

Anyway, after a few years Val moved closer to the studio and omitted to tell the studio that she had moved (thus she should not have been receiving the pay out)

Elspeth found out and as Val said she 'Couldn't tell the producers quick enough' This led to a running fued between the two.

I read all this on a website years ago, but damned if I can find it now. It's only recently that Val & Elspeth will even appear at conventions together. Val despises her.
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