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I have to say I looked through the posts above especially to see any reference to wobbling scenery. Thanks for not letting me down! For some reason it's obligatory for PCBH to be cited as having wobbling walls. Nice to see somebody keeping up the tradition of mentioning something that just wasn't true.

Alongside the discussion of the show, perhaps we could discuss why people feel the need to say that this show had wobbling scenery. Is it a kind of urban myth? Or what we would call a meme nowadays? Perhaps people say it because the production values seemed low enough to them that it's as if the wall wobbled.
There is one scene in particular where Frank Burke and Geoff McCrae are fighting in the solitary cells because Frank keeps picking on Matthew.

When Frank is thrown towards a wall, it doesn't just shake, it moves. There are countless times in the series of scenery shaking when it shouldn't - and I do not say this as a critisism - it sort of added to the appeal of the show in some way.
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