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I've met 5 of the cast over the last 2 years , at the 2010 and 2011 memorabilia conventions.

In 2009 I met Val Lehman , Gerard Maguire and Fiona Spence.
Due to costs , I didn't get their autographs , but did get my picture taken with Val

In 2010 , I met Maggie Kirkpatrick & Glenda Linscott . This time , I got both actresses autographs and a picture.

bit blurry though and I look like a weirdo
Great pics I must admit i was addicted to PCBH when it was being shown in the Granada region,and used to watch whatever episode was being shown in the HTV Wales area as well as we could get a great reception

I was a bingo caller at the time and when i went into work on the monday,all the punters and i would be discussing the previous night's episode lol.Everyone seemed to love Joan even though she was a right bitch!! lol

I loved Maggie's and Glenda's characters lol.When Joan started to put those gloves on,you knew there would be trouble

I always used to find Lurch funny lol.Great character!!
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