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A European tour is due soon.

Why do I hate myself for thinking this is contrived.

But, if it is true, she can thank Price, Katona and all the other media whores for making the world a cynical place.
I'm not sure how you think she would have contrived this. The two men would have to have been hired to carry out this stunt with the expectation of being caught. Their only recourse then would be to reveal that it was a stunt, which would not necessarily be believed unless Joss admitted being behind it, thus incurring extremely bad publicity for herself and possibly risking being charged with wasting police time. Alternatively, the two man could keep mum; either way, they'd be at risk of serious jail time. It makes no sense at all.

It must be very unsettling for Joss, even though she seems to be making light of it.
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