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I still love watching Top Gear, but not for the obvious motor related items, but for the pure utter sexiness that is James May...
I've fixed your post for you!

Oh here we go again, a new series of Top Gear is about to start and already the naysayers are complaining.

It does beg the question though, if you don't like the show then why do you bloody watch it? Surely your life can't be that pathetic that you force yourself to sit there and watch a show you detest purely to have something to whine about on the internet, can it?
Why not start a thread about something you do enjoy instead of stuff you dont? lifes to short
It happens every time! I can understand if someone starts watching a show and find they don't like it, they then post about how rubbish they thought it was, but to start complaining about it before it has even started ????

TG has had bad episodes, just like it has had brilliant episodes. I still love it though!
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