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Yes, the changes made to the design were slightly vulgar, imo, and while it's a perfectly good car, it wasn't worth the gushing admiration he expelled! tbh, it was a bit predictable
So you have driven one?

Yes, that's the joke (and I say that living near that general area).
I don't think it is a joke, it's a tired cliche to slag off MG all the time, especially as he hasn't even seen one - if they'd produced a car that was identical to the BMW, he'd have still slagged it off![/quote]It's a cliche, yes. But one with a sound pedigree based in the 70's. Anyone who watches TG regularly will know JC's on-screen attitude to Birmingham and Longbridge (cue heavy Brummie accent etc).

As for the MG itself, an awful-looking body which belies its attempt to be something else entirely is what I saw.
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