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I think you are getting itv confused with c4. Sure c4 will have to air it with ad breaks... its a commercial tv channel... But they rarely (note the word 'rarely') cut films to bits. In fact, of the main channels they are the best at showing movies in their CORRECT RATIO and UNCUT.

ITV on the other hand... Well I really do not know why they even bother.

The BBC already has a contract with Disney... That must have cost them a few bob. Unfortunately, ITV have a contract with warner bros... I dread to think what they'll do when they show The Dark Knight... They'll probably put it throw the shredder.
A 12 cert at 6.30pm? They'll cut it. CH4 cut The Search For Spock a while back during the afternoon and that's a PG.

ITV will probably put The Dark Knight on starting at 9pm and stick the 45 min long 10pm news in the middle of it.

Not that I thought anything of The Dark Knight, but thank God for downloads for the bigger films.
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