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I've just watched the interview on video. It's really not conclusive at all. Probably just padding, maybe for the dress to hang better or something. Stills are very easy to manipulate for those who want to believe she's faking it.

The bikini pics confirm she's pregnant - these conspiracies about it being a fake pregnancy are just weird...

ETA: The show is Sunday Night, here's the video -
There's one bikini pic where she appears to be pregnant, one where she doesn't. And to be fair the one where she looks pregnant could just be her sticking her tummy out.

It is possible she's using a surrogate, she has carried on working very hard and I've been quite suprised as I am at the same stage of pregnancy and when she announced it I couldn't believe she was doing that Glasto set in the first trimester when you feel grotty just sitting doing a desk job.

I don't know. I've found this whole pregnancy kind of odd. They are usually so private and keep their personal lives to themselves and didn't even confirm they were married for a long time now suddenly they can't stop talking about it and made such a public announcement with the pregnancy.

I don't suppose it really matters anyway. One thing that made me wonder is over the last few years there have been multiple stories claiming authoritatively that Beyonce was pregnant giving due dates etc which came to nothing. Maybe she's had miscarriages or other complications which mean she can't give birth herself and has to use a surrogate? I don't suppose it really matters or is any of our business but if something like that was to be the case I can understand if they didn't want it to be common knowledge.

Who knows? Anyway , they're having a baby and I'm sure they'll love it very much which is what matters.
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