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Funny, I thought that women who routinely exercise, e.g. runners, can run/exercise at a normal level throughout most of their pregnancy?
I have to say the moves in the video made me wonder too.

My sister is a dancer and though her energy levels remained high throughout her pregnancy and afterwards, there were moves that the weight and bulk of her bump just wouldn't let her make from about 4 months into her pregnancy.

I agree with this. Her age has always been a bit of a sore subject.

I remember someone posting links which seemed to prove one of the girls who claimed she went to school with Beyonce was herself 35 years old or something!
The girls who were pictured in school with her were born in 1972 which would make her 9 years older than she claims to be. I also find it funny how at the start, she was the eldest member of Destiny's Child by some way and then suddenly became the same age as them or younger.

That would still make her more than young enough to have her own baby though.
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