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Went tonight to the filming of episode 3 and it was Robert Webb, Fern Britton and Danny Baker - who nominated panel quiz shows, much to the shock of the others!

What is odd is that it's down as a 30 minute show, yet they filmed for 2.5 hours. If they edit that down, they'll lose everything! Yes, Danny Baker did talk quite a bit, but there was quite a lot of good stuff that shouldn't be cut to fit.

The format works though. A subject is picked, they each nominate something (Jeremy Kyle show, too much TV news, Robert Webb's bald patch, self-checkouts, science fiction, punk rock etc) and Frank Skinner ultimately chooses which goes into room 101.

As with any filming, loads of stuff not in the show is as funny, or funnier, as what goes out.

Frank Skinner is also incredibly polite, and was good to the audience and the guests (although he was a bit cheeky in places). All in all, I think it will make a good series.
thanks for that, what was the set like?
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