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What I don't get is that they recorded about 2.5 hours and if it's to be just 30 minutes, they won't just cut out the waffle - but all the good stuff too.

Okay, all TV records a lot more than is aired - but within reason. I go to most HIGNFY recordings and that doesn't go on for that long, and they even began to air an extended version of that. I don't know if Room 101 will get that too.

While a 'directors cut' version is a good idea, it's a bit odd for HIGNFY as it's a topical show, and so why you would wait to watch the longer version instead of watching it on Friday? And if you watch on Friday, you'd have to be a hardcore fan to watch what's essentially the same show with some extra bits added in.

Room 101 isn't topical, so it could work - but it's hardly like a movie where the extended version comes out many months (even years) later.

Another funny thing I also remembered from yesterday was Danny Baker slagging off repeats on Dave, and when they do back-to-back nights on shows. Robert Webb's face was so funny as he almost cried 'but this will be on Dave' in his special style. I suspect that will get cut too.
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