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I agree with some posters that the more recent Bond movies need to stop taking themselves so seriously and to be more like the older Bond films which you didn't have to so too hard on and did not carry tonnes of emotional baggage. I do not neccesarily mean like some of the farces such which Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan starred in, just more in the vain of Sean Connerys.

I reckon that this will probably be Judi Dench's final appearance as M and possibly Daniel Craig's final outing as Bond? I believe that he initially signed a three-film contract with the option of a fourth (just like Pierce Brosnan). Who knows, maybe this will be his very own Goldfinger or The Spy Who Loved Me. Also, I wonder what is happening with the Moneypenny and Q situation, hopefully they will be back and as loveable as ever.
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