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David Cameron - friendly enough, straight to point but has one hell of an annoying PR / Press lady

Alexandra Burke - really nice and pleasant, lots of kisses

Rowetta - met her a couple of times, once working and once performing in a run down Blackpool pub - thought she was pretty friendly if not a bit shy the first time, then when she was performing she came across as a right stroppy bitch because no one was dancing, she cut her set short - think she was pissed again

Joe McElderry - pretty pleasant, don't think he was too keen on my colleague going in for a kiss after she had interviewed him

Frankmusik - sound, down to earth - gave free tickets to a concert

Stu Francis - real sound relaxed guy

Bob Carolgees - met him on Monday along with Spit the Dog, really down to earth and a decent friendly guy

Des O'Connor - really funny, friendly, stayed after a show at the stage door and signed hundreds of autographs and possed for any photos

Katie Price - was only over the telephone but came across really friendly even with techncial problems, answered anything you asked her and would do any liners you wanted her too

Thomas Law - really down to earth and easy on the eye

Sam Aston - cool little guy, comes across a bit shy and timid
Concentrating on his music now and unlikely to grace EE with his skills again.
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