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About 15 years ago Tom Baker was in front of me in the queue of the local tiny post office near where he lived. The notoriously stroppy post mistress was licking his stamps and putting them on his envelopes (a courtesy not remotely accorded to us mere mortals) and he said in his very loud, deep, boomy voice... "oh, to be that stamp"!

It is pefectly excusable for any celeb to refuse to sign autographs if they are pushed for time but they should do if pleasantly. To tell people to **** off is inexcusable unless they have been wound-up by whoever it is directed at. Recognition, which is sometimes not welcome, is the price of fame.
I agree, if they don't like it, they shouldn't have put themselves forward in front of the public eye.

Fairly recently, I met Alan Carr, he was friendly and down to earth.
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