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About 15 years ago Tom Baker was in front of me in the queue of the local tiny post office near where he lived. The notoriously stroppy post mistress was licking his stamps and putting them on his envelopes (a courtesy not remotely accorded to us mere mortals) and he said in his very loud, deep, boomy voice... "oh, to be that stamp"!
I met him while he was still the Doctor; he asked my sister (who was only small!) what her name was, then told her that was his favourite name. Then he offered me a jelly baby - in fact, he let me take 2 - and I'm not the giggly type, but I giggled at him!

A friend of mine once told me that her mother bumped into Peter O'Toole, who was looking a bit the worse for wear. She said to him 'you're Peter O'Toole aren't you?' and he clutched his head and said 'not this morning I'm not!'

The one person I've always been jealous of was a woman I used to work with - years before she had met Yul Brynner when he was in London (this was the last time he did The King and I there). She mentioned she was going to see the show a few days later, for her birthday, and he told her to come to the stage door and he'd arrange for her to come backstage. Not only did he do that, but when she arrived, he presented her with a bottle of champagne and a huge bouquet of flowers. I was always impressed by that!
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