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This doesn't surprise me. I read that Meryl Streep can be a bit of a tyrant with her crew and staffers (and they've come to expect it) but she's an absolute doll to ordinary people.

I think some of the stars just push their staff hard. The expectation is different with ordinary people, whom they may feel a little more charitable towards.

I don't honestly think being asked to call someone 'Mr' rather than a more familiar first name is that bad tbh. Some employers don't want the familiarity with staff. Though I could imagine 'Mr Brynner' being fierce difficult to work with at times. :eek:
During the filming of The Magnificent Seven, Steve McQueen made a point of winding up Mr Brynner. His antics included fiddling with props whenever Brynner was talking to distract from Brynner and, when he noticed that Brynner would build little piles of earth to stand on so he would appear taller, McQueen would kick them down.
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