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Paddy from Emmerdale used to use that spray on stuff and it used to hurt my eyes to watch as it was like the back of his head was out of focus.

As for Wogan, well he seems to have a piece in with his combover - and fair play to him. He's gone about it the right way; a man of his age will not have a full head of hair and a bit of thinning or a gap at the back is more realistic than pretending you're 25.

Which brings me to Brucie. I love old Brucie but they can surely do better that that, unless maybe there's nothing left under it at all? You need a piece which is fairly fluffy on top, turning into a bald patch - otherwise you're just wearing a hat. Brucie also has it very long - not only is that rather dated but it means they can't comb it into whatever hair he has left. It looks like a hair helmet.

But I do sympathise with these guys - particularly Brucie. He's got such a long face that if he was bald on top he would look, well, odd.

The worst is Jimmy Young - thats just dreadful and looks like its been up a Dyson a few times.

Oh, and Barbara Windsor doesn't just wear one as a quick glamour fix - she's spent so many years bleaching it she needs one. She actually wears a baseball cap with a fake pony tail stitched into the back for a 'casual, just-popped-to-the-shops' look.
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