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Reckon one of the twins will be straight and one gay (and am hoping for an elimination where they are the last two left and she has to choose)

So far I like the woman more this year than in the last series. I can't even remember the woman in the American version but some of the guys were really, really hot.
I think one of the twins will be gay and one straight aswell. Though I can't remember who they are Or who many are...

Ahhhhh, Bradley from the US one....

I wonder why Fletcher left. Perhaps he was gay but had second thoughts about revealing it on TV? I wish they had told us.
Same. On his Channel4 page it says his claim to fame was being 'claiming to be pulled by Kerry Katona and Louis Spence'...

Alan Carr was fab on it.

Fletcher - Gay
Sam - Straight
Levi - Straight
Sven - Gay
Filippo - Gay
Kyle - Gay
Dean - Straight
Danny - Gay
Leroy - Gay
David - Gay
Andrei - Straight
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