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What is odd is that it's down as a 30 minute show, yet they filmed for 2.5 hours. If they edit that down, they'll lose everything!
I think most panel quiz shows record 2 to 3 hours then cut it down, QI and Would I lie To You Do. They do similar with some radio shows - 'I've Never Seen Star Wars lasted about 2.5hours and it was a shame they had to cut it down as well.

They should get rid of BBC3 and convert into a channel that shows unedited versions of shows...I'd watch them...

I saw an edition of Would I Lie To You recorded and they recorded 3hours which was cut down to 30minutes...In my opinion they should have cut another 30minutes out of it as the whole evening was a bit of a drag...although David Mitchell and Lee Mack were superb.

Oh, as for Room 101: why mess with an OK set wasn;t getting tired for me it's a bit like Desert Island Discs: two people chatting and DID has been going for decades and is still great...everyone is different because it's about a different person each week and we are all different.

A change to a panel show is weak and unappealling...No problem with Mr Skinner...doubt I will watch it.
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