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One thing I was disappointed in with the latter series of Merton's reign was that it became more of a light hearted chat show and the items were more than often put into Room 101 with out any major argument.

I do wonder how they are going to do this with a panel. Does each panelist just talk about their item for a couple of minutes then it is allowed in or will the panelists have to vie against each other to get their item in?

I fear that these days the won't put the effort in and just let anything go in.
From the recording I went to, each show has a number of topics, such as ‘school days’. Then for each topic each guest nominates something to be put into Room 101, such as ‘homework’. All three guests, and Frank, discuss the pros and cons of each nomination before Frank has final say over which one item goes in to Room 101. They then move on to another topic…
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