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From what I've heard about the new version it seems like they're maintaining the strange "when something goes into Room 101 it disappears from the world forever" conceit. I'm sure they didn't used to say that in the Nick Hancock era (when the show was good) or did they?

It seems like such a stupid idea because they end up saying things like "I can't put France in because then there'll be a big hole in Europe" which is ridiculous. It seems to misunderstand the original point of Room 101 and also the point of the show Room 101. The original was a place where a person is subjected to their worst fear - the show version is surely just a place where things are put in order to acknowledge that they are objects of fear or loathing, like a library or museum of awfulness - not a Pandora's Box that literally contains all bad things in order to keep them from the world.
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