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I can't understand why men buy wigs for when they've lost quite a bit of hair and they're in their 60s. Might be insecurity perhaps. They might want to keep up the image of a stinking rich fella with a full head of hair.
Male pattern baldness can be quite devastasting and hard to adapt to for a lot of men.

I always had a great head of hair and I was looking forward to turning into a 'silver fox'. Then one morning at work, where there were two mirrors opposite each other and a strong light, it was obvious I was quickly going bald; almost overnight. I was stunned. I didn't think I had the correct shaped head to shave it all off and become a 'bear'. But I did and after a while I got used to it.

But some people never do. I often imagine them at home, straight out of the shower and the door goes with them scrambling for their bathrobe and wig.
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