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I don't know why the twins are still there either.

But mainly I wonder what she was thinking in getting rid of Andrei. He was the only one that I was sure was straight.

Ok, she didn't like him as a person but she could have kept him on the back burner in case she needed him. If she is going to be stupid about it then she deserves to go home empty handed.

Plus why didn't she kick out Sven because punching a woman is inexcusable and he's been an idiot from the beginning. I'm going to be rooting for the gay guys for the rest of it.
He was blindfolded it was an accident. Really funny one actually.

yeah I think Dean and the twins are definately gay. I didn't think Danny was gay until this episode. To be honest none of them striek me as a particularly straight.

I think Andrei just annoyed the **** out of her that's why she got rid of him. He wasn't genuine either. He called her a ****ing bitch as he walked away, it was all about the money and he wasn't even nice about it.
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