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The vet seems to be the only nice guy in it. I can't tell whether he is gay or not.

They are ALL camp
When she asked him last week whether she'd regret it if she took him right through to the end, I think she meant it - I think she's already genuinely wanting to keep him in the whole time. I agree with her though - I dunno if the OTT kiss was him trying too hard because he was nervous, or because he was completely acting! Wasn't there a guy last series who said he couldn't stand lying to her anymore and admitted that he was gay? If anyone was to do that this year I think it'd be David.

The twins... both gay, I'm guessing. They seem like they could both be really bitchy gameplayers though - I think one of them may try to "out" the other one to Cara at some point!

Levi - I think he's gay, simply because I can't see why else they would have put him in the line-up. Unless it's a complete mind game on Cara to make her think it's all a double-bluff, which is possible I suppose...

Danny - Straight.
Sven - Straight. I also think she quite likes him - from the way he acted towards her in the first episode he should have been straight out, but simething makes her keep putting him through to the next week...
Dean - I think he's gay, but I'm not sure...

I had Andrei down as one of the straight guys from the beginning, but she was still completely right to send him home. No point in keeping someone she was never going to pick as the eventual winner.
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