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oh no not commercial and radio friendly stuff but at the same point the idea of her creating material about her baby and newly becoming a mother etc does excite me....her own "Ray Of Light" in a more radio-friendly/R&B direction perhaps. But i do hope she mixes it up a fair bit though as i like the more kinda experimental flavours 4 has.
I love whatever Beyoncé does whether it's safe/commercial or out of the box and experimental. I do see her next album being mainly safe, but I hope for experimental tracks and her daring side to be explored somewhere on the record. I can only assume the lack of up-tempo's on 4 was because they were deemed too experimental by her label in the Run the World direction, which is a shame cause I love it when Beyoncé is up-tempo with killer choreography.

Hoping we get more producers mentioning album 5 to give us early hints to her new direction. Obviously Beyoncé is at her happiest time in her life with Blue Ivy in her life, marriage going well so that will be at the forefront of the theme for her next album. Perhaps big uplifting, empowering numbers?
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