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Allegedly Beyoncé is now working on TWO new albums! Whaaaaaaaaaat? I'd much rather she focussed on one at a time. Unless one of the albums is the soundtrack for A Star Is Born or she's doing a Robyn Body Talk approach with a Part 1, Part 2 etc. Or a commercial album and an experimental album? Excited for whatever it is! That woman is unstoppable
Well Janelle Monae is working on two albums for this year too

Maybe if she is one will reflect her motherhood, something fresh, euphoric, commercial friendly 11 songs or so for later this year...and next year maybe she will be a Half Time show performer for the SUper Bowl and launch an album like Madonna is doing this year with MDNA, an album that will be experimental, darker, influenced and retrospective and then tour in support in the summer.

The other likelihood is, she is working on a fifth studio album and a soundtrack to A Star Is Born.
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