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Oooh so she's in talks about a new album? Can't wait to here more.

I wouldn't mind a few club bangers from this album, mixed with 4 and some horns (gotta have some Deja Vu/End of Time/Crazy In Love sounds in there)

I really don't mind what direction she goes in. I hope that whatever she decides to do that she will get critically praised. It's obvious that this album will need to do better commercially, so it'll be interesting to see what happens and what direction they go in.
Well i do certainly hope she takes time recording too and gets herself really fit again for the album etc. As the demand to see ehr live on tour will be massive than ever surely by that point album number 5 is out.

And i do really hope that she does create songs that attract many different levels really. What i loved about 4 was its simplicity and its sense of a journey which really surprised I once never thought twice about her and 4 then became one of THE albums of 2011 for me.....that was such a pull!

So I think with her longer term fans, casual fans and newer listneers from the 4 era (still going with End Of Time?) I do hope that her next album will somehow channel different vibes and tastes but continues that sense of pace and journey like 4.
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