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It matters not how old her tattoo is. The fact is she got it amid her lady garden stubble well BELOW the bikini line & was happy to have it papped while using one finger to cover what she belatedly considered her modesty. And she was happy for her toe tape to be released ,so they are up for comments when she talks of inflicting even more horror in the form of banshee wailing disguised as singing on the GBP.
Has anyone said they aren't up for comments

I understand why you keep reminding us - after all, if all she can do now is record an album, design some more clothes (I use the term loosely), participate in a debate, run a half marathon, do some signings or film a new series of her show, it makes perfect sense to go on and on about stuff she did in her wild days.

No more nude pics, sex tapes or crude talk. How very ordinary she's become.
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