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I'm not addressing anyone in particular. Why would I do that ?
I'm addressing the subject ....which is Krusty making an album with Dane Bowers. I'm simply referring to their last collaboration which was the incredibly up-chucky toe-tape. The one she claimed he leaked. Yes & she was so horrified that she is now back in his chubby arms for an encore. Which kind of makes all her protestations over the tape rather a lie. See? ....there IS a connection.
Krusty telling lies! Whatever next ?
Oh yes....her album. Love songs ? Fwee to wuv again songs ? Bye-Bye Alex songs ? Hopefully this time she'll be able to remember more words because she had such difficulty with remembering "fwee to wuv again" at her last effort that I almost felt sorry for her. Ok,that was a lie....I didn't feel a bit sorry,I just laughed at her floundering trying to recall all the whole 4 words in the right order while also moving. Clearly she doesn't in walk & sing. Yes...this new album wil be great 'point & laugh' material and a gift that will keep on giving. Like her toe-tape.
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