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Sad news. The ChuckleVision film has been cancelled due to financial reasons.
I am afraid to say that this is partly true but Paul's son has confirmed that it has been put on hold and not cancelled. But I have to say myself like the new series this will probably take a long while to come about. What I say is the BBC should help to fund the Chuckles especially after keeping them on their television screens for over 20 years!

I was looking forward to the film.

How do we know for sure that a new series is due this year?

They said that last year!
We can't be too sure but the best advice I can offer is befriending Barry on Facebook that is how I have got in contact with him and managed to find out some information about the Series. But I will say now that Barry has told me that Series 22 has been put on the backburner once again! I really don't know what the problem and is and I am praying that the Series will be broadcast this year.

i hope there will be its the 25th aniversary thats reason enough even if they just do a one off sepicial
Again the only information I have seen is on Wikipedia but I am definately not believing the news until it has been offically confirmed by the Chuckles themselves. John Sayle hopes to write a special for it and hopefully the BBC will do something for the 25th anniversary compared to thei effortless attempt five years ago!
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