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I am afraid to say that this is partly true but Paul's son has confirmed that it has been put on hold and not cancelled. But I have to say myself like the new series this will probably take a long while to come about. What I say is the BBC should help to fund the Chuckles especially after keeping them on their television screens for over 20 years!
With the BBC having to make almost 20% budget cuts due to the last licence fee settlement, I don't think they'll be wanting to splash some cash on what will almost certainly be doomed to failure.

I'll admit now, I wasn't the biggest fan of ChuckleVision when I was a child (I'm now 21), but with how much children's TV (and the audience for it) have changed since 1995/96, I can predict ChuckleVision won't be on our screens much longer, though of course no announcement of that kind has come from the BBC, otherwise you'd all now be foaming at the mouth.
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