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am i right in saying that chucklevision was on tv every year until 2009 and 2010 and 2011 was the 1st time they didnt do a series in a year
Yes you are right Series 21 was shown in December 2009 and since then no more episodes have been made which is sad because they had managed to do a series consistantly for 22 years!

Why do people kick such a fuss up at youtube worrying if people will dl their chuckle vids.

Its the 4th person who says on their account plz dont download our vids. I mean what do they think people will do. Of course we ll dl them thats why their on their. You have to anyway cos otherwise they ll get removed to never see again.
Well I download the episodes anyway in case they or the user went down which was quite common in the last few years when a user uploaded some rarer episodes and then closed their account a couple of hours later and since it was announced that the bbc were removing the episodes after the dvd release me and many users downloaded them for our own safe viewings in case the episodes were taken down.

Any more news about Bodger and Badger? Or details of the company so I can enquire?
The company that released 'ChuckleVision' were called Delta Music and I will put a the link below so you can contact them but I haven't heard anything about it but if you ask them they make take it into consideration.
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