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The Great Escape
That would be horrible.

Just think about it, a group of incredibly pretty young men with high cheekbones and impeccable hairstyles getting all moody and emotional while digging a CGI tunnel.

Of course, there would be plenty of flashback scenes to the days when the main unbelievably pretty lead actor was sitting on the porch with his incredibly attractive girl. She would drape herself across his shoulders while he stares in a melancholy way into the middle distance while talking about the challenges that will face him in the war against the baddies.

Big X would be a fantastically attractive yet completely vacuous boyish young man who hates the Nazis as much as he hates his parents. Ives would have a foppish hairdo and cry a lot while Sedgwick would be unbelievably attractive and really in touch with his emotions and his flashback girl would be Megan Fox and he loves her and they spend lots of time sitting on the porch looking wistfully into the middle distance while discussing the futility of war as the late summer sun sets over the distant cornfields.

Do you really think that a film like this could be anything less than the cinematic equivalent of child rape?
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