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I'm probably done with Cod. If i feel like playing, i have Cod4, WaW, MW2, Blops and MW3.

I've paid my dues.

Unless Blops 2 turns out to be amazing, i'm done.
+1 from me.

I was a big, big Cod fan but nothing comes close to 4 and I dont even know what that last offering was. I bought MW3 on launch day and I played it for about a week. I got BF3 which I thought was better but it is a different game but now I am playing Forza 4 and I will be for the forseeable future, I am simply bored of 1st person shooters.

But the last Cod was terrible.

With Hitman and the prospect of a great Assassins Creed around the same time, Blops 2 is the last thing on my mind.
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