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I don't entirely understand your response. But my point was more that shows like Big Bang Theory and Community use Aspeger's for laughs but nobody complains. Whether that's because people aren't aware of Asperger's or they simply don't care or maybe even it's just an anti-Gervais campaign I don't know, I just think if you complain about one you should complain about them all. (I watch and enjoy both Community and BBT, even though I have Asperger's)...
I meant that people can relate to someone portraying characters who may display aspects of Asperger's, and a comedy including that theme. All comedy drama is not the same, so one such programme may appeal while another may not.

Adrian Mole, for example, had some autistic traits, at least in my opinion. The novel was made into a television comedy/drama. Many people enjoyed this and other programmes as you rightly say.

I wouldn't want to ban all programmes exploring this theme and have no agenda against Ricky. I am interested in his ideas, but feel his way of portraying such themes may alienate some people.
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