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The thread on SOUL SURVIVOR/SOLE SURVIVOR (or is it?!) made me think of the TV movies which were on all the time in the mid-late 70's. A lot of them were dross, but some really stick in my mind...

SATAN'S TRIANGLE (1975) - a thriller set in the (then-trendy) Bermuda Triangle, with Doug McClure and Kim Novak - the ending absolutely terrified me back then...

SHIRTS & SKINS (1973) - comedy about a group of friends who hold a hide & seek contest for basketballs around the city. I remember thinking this was hysterical at the time.

WELCOME HOME JOHNNY BRISTOL (1972) - Martin Landau as a POW rescued from Vietnam who only wants to go back to his hometown of Charles, Vermont, the place he's been dreaming about seeing again through all his years of captivity and torture... except when he gets back the US, the town doesn't exist! There's a great twist ending where...

Of course, Steven Spielberg's DUEL started life as a TVM too... it's a shame that virtually none have been released on video or DVD. Are there any others we remember?
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