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Crowhaven Farm
The Norliss Tapes
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
The Love War
Night Slaves
The Ghost of Flight 401
The Borgia Stick
The People
Where Have All the People Gone?
A Howling in the Woods
Curse of the Black Widow
Black Noon
The Night Stalker
The California Kid
A Cold Night's Death
The Immortal
The Only Way Out is Dead
Haunts of the Very Rich

The original Don't be Afraid of the Dark is out on US dvd as are:
The Night Stalker / Night Strangler
Gargoyles (Japan)
The Norliss Tapes (disappointing ending)

Bad Ronald is another well remembered one.

Dan Curtis , who did The Night Strangler did many great tv movies , none out in the UK but on R1 you can also get :

Trilogy of Terror and Dead of Night .

Some are out in Australia too , my Dead of Night is R4 .

Some great British tv movies too , usually made by ITC.

Mr Jerico (Patrick Macnee fresh off The Avengers with Connie Stevens)
The Firechasers (almost like an episode of Thriller)
Sewers of Gold (aka Dirty Money , with Ian McShane)

All 3 available from Network , although I think The Firechasers is now deleted
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