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The original Don't be Afraid of the Dark is out on US dvd as are:
The Night Stalker / Night Strangler
Gargoyles (Japan)
The Norliss Tapes (disappointing ending)

Bad Ronald is another well remembered one.

Dan Curtis , who did The Night Strangler did many great tv movies , none out in the UK but on R1 you can also get :

Trilogy of Terror and Dead of Night .

Some are out in Australia too , my Dead of Night is R4 .

Some great British tv movies too , usually made by ITC.

Mr Jerico (Patrick Macnee fresh off The Avengers with Connie Stevens)
The Firechasers (almost like an episode of Thriller)
Sewers of Gold (aka Dirty Money , with Ian McShane)

All 3 available from Network , although I think The Firechasers is now deleted
I think The Norliss Tapes was a pilot for a series that was never made so its ending is left hanging a bit.
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