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So, let me get this right - the fact that some people (me included) found Pirates slow and unfunny has implications for the state of the nation.

I presume this is slightly tongue-in-cheek.
No, I'm genuinely baffled. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a critical rating of 92% - into Pixar territory, but a user rating of 71%. I certainly don't always agree with the critics, but this seemed (ironically) like a no brianer - a cracking script (Gromit), great characters, tons of sight gags and puns. But clearly my kids and the critics are out of step... I don't see how it was slow, I don't see how it was unfunny. I was worried it might be a bit clever-clever, but it wasn't that either - it was smart, but never smug or requiring a ton of knowledge to get the gags. It was just Aardman at the top of their game - superior craftsmanship, writing, voice talents, filmmaking. The arc of the story was spot on. It was all spot on.

Why have much of the public fallen out of love with them? I'd be so depressed if I were Peter Lord and the other filmmakers. They did absolutely everything right in my book, and yet - seemingly - many people were just bored. Yup, I find that really depressing. This is so, so much better than the vast majority of CG animations (Pixar excepted) and yet people aren't interested. Genuinely sad.
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