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Nolan's Batman aside (as I don't consider those to be superhero films in a 'supernormal' sense) the difference between the Marvel and DC films, to me, is that the Marvel films keep it much tighter with less lengthy exposition scenes, instead opting to have character development spread out over a number of scenes. They also keep it more 'fun' with less emo-driven 'soul searching' moments.
DC have the two strongest characters, in Batman and Superman. Without a doubt, if you ask the general public to name superheros those would be the top two. Then it's Spideman, then after that based on what ever movies people have seen.

The key is that Marvel have overseen their product a lot closer than DC have. They've seen whats worked in other movies and what hasn't and directed and created each movie in a way which works for that character.

Whereas DC just seem to have sold the rights, and then walked away from any ownership of the movies, leaving their fate up the to the whim of the film makers.

In addition DC characters have now almost become too Iconic, especially Superman, who's almost weighed down and constrainted by the history and 'baggage' of the character.
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