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According to the Hollywood Reporter, producer Kevin Feige is the key to
Marvel Studios' success :

Feige has been Marvel's lead producer since Iron Man, and the self-professed comics nerd supervises a dedicated crew with consistency. Along with executive producer Louis D'Esposito, Feige hires actors, writers and directors, keeps talent costs relatively low and executes a Marvel vision across all its films in a way traditional studio executives -- most of whom juggle diverse slates including romantic comedies and dramas -- cannot.

Warner Bros., for instance, has for years wanted to create a universe of films around its DC Comics heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But a Justice League movie has stalled, in part because there isn't a Feige type to keep the elements together. Warners' recent success with Christopher Nolan's Batman series led the studio to assign him producing duties on its Superman reboot and a planned relaunch of Batman after his The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in July. Given Marvel's success with Avengers, don't be surprised if Warners -- and Nolan -- take on a Justice League movie soon.

Given the huge success of "The Avengers", it's quite likely other superhero team
movies will be made.
If a studio can't get rights to DC or Marvel heroes, will they try and adapt
superteam stories from (say) Dark Horse, Image or Valiant ?
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