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What is it with these old guys and their hair pieces?
Do they really think we're convinced? At least Paul Daniels and Larry Hagman saw the light and ditched them.

I was watching Tony Blackburn on GMTV this morning and his wig is appalling and I thought Terry Wogan's was bad. Bruce Forsythe's is slightly more convincing but only just.

Any other showbiz wigs I've missed out? I saw a topic about Graham Norton but I don't think his hair is a it?

LOL. Sorry. I had to dig this old thread up again because I have just seen Tony Blackburn on TV and his wig is absolutely terrible. . I've said it time and time again, but this time it was the worst example of hair replacement imaginable.

The hair at the back just sticks up, like it's not stuck down properly. And the way it's combed back into this rigid style is so fake. Yes, I have said it all before but on this show I saw his wig from all angles, dire, awful, fake and embarrassing. It doesn't even look like real hair. I guess horse hair.

Please, please, Tony, get yourself a better wig maker. Sack your current one!!! PLEASE.
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