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You'd be surprised how much jiggery-pokery goes on in the world of TV and film. Even people with decent hair get plenty of touch ups, or slight hair pieces to cover up receded temples when filming etc. Even girls sometimes have to use hair concealer for photo shoots because the bright light reflecting off their heads makes them look like they have MPB. And all those "candid" photos on the beach etc? Totally staged. I'd say that a large majority of hollywood superstars have actually had some form of work done/medication/concealers/slight hairpieces, without the public being aware. It's just the really bad wigs that get caught out. Enrique englasis wears a wig btw, I think it's fairly obvious looking but a lot of my female friends seemed suprised.

I actually don't see what's wrong with men trying to keep their hair, as long as whatever they use isn't completely ridiculous looking. Hair frames the face, and its also one of the things that a very slight difference in the hairline can make a huge difference to appearance. Considering the long list of cosmetics women use (including hair extensions and wigs might I add), can men be forgiven to trying or at least being upset about losing such a huge defining factor in their appearance?
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