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The thing that gets me is that it must be so uncomfortable having something glued to your scalp in a very hot environment . They all work in television and the heat from the tv lighting must be unbearable.

I mean Wogan, Forsythe, Blackburn are all men of advanced years and you think they would be able to enjoy their remaining years without worrying about a bald head. They are all multi-millionaires and don't have to worry about money or work.

It seems Vanity is more powerful than any other emotion and rules their lives no matter what age they are.

Funny how you never hear this topic discussed on tv, I mean specifically celebrity wigs.
There seems to be a stigma behind these sort of things for men. I don't wish to go on a crusade or anything but baldness seems to be one big joke "wigs, lmao" and the same for other sensitive topics like viagra. Whereas women can talk openly about HRT, sex toys, plastic surgery, and cosmetics. Maybe if women were more affected by baldness men would have a cure by now

And you speak about vanity ... I think we're all a little vain aren't we? No-one likes to age and even when we do age I think most at least try to put their best foot out there. Whether you're 20 or 50 to see your once thick head of hair disappearing to leave patches of scalp and age you 20 years is never pleasant or easy to deal with. Plus like I said before, hair frames the face and most people don't suit the shaved look. I don't think it's particularly vain at all.
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