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Maybe you could try talking to people rather than at...just an idea honey...........
I was right. Itís as simple as that. You jumped down my throat making snidey comments because you expected an essay/links/whatever to back my assertions. Itís a post in a thread on a telly forum, not a government report so get some perspective the next time you decide to play the Spanish Inquisition with someone posting some info, info which turned out to be accurate letís remember.

Silly argument really. From where I'm standing you completely overreacted to xynaria just wanting more details on what you'd posted about Spiral. I didn't perceive xynaria as being rude or hostile at all but you went off on one about how he/she had doubted you/should have used Google etc. Xynaria hasn't been shown up at all because it was just an innocent query that for some reason you've decided to take as some kind of personal criticism.
Sorry, but your opinion means nothing to me.
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