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That is the page he's posted from a medical journal. He didn't say anything about Emma being put on a strict diet though. She wouldn't follow it anyway.
Nor would she give up the smoking. For a young person she seems to be really addicted. I've never understood why asthmatics smoke. They used to put the patients with terminal lung cancer in the same ward as us asthmatics when I was younger. It meant I never ever thought about smoking. It's a terrible way to die, slow suffocation.

Not that Emma has the ability to think ahead. Her brain only computes the here and now and how SHE's thinking and feeling.
Instant is how she thinks, instant stardom and instant gratification.

Sorry, I'm in a bad mood. Andy is injured and insisting on playing on possibly risking his Wimbledon and Olympic chances. I get way too involved in tennis. It was always my passion.
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