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If i knew her she could smoke as much as she liked. I'd wait on. A hotty like Emma hand and foot
Maybe not knock him out he's massive he'd squash me lol
You should totally start tweeting her (shurrup you lot, I said TWEETING)

LOL That brings back memories. My kids used to bring "Operation" into school when it was the last day of term, though I'm sure some of the operations would be censored now!

If she has got it, the diet wont change, and there'll be more expense for the NHS. I think they enjoy being ill. It makes them feel validated.
Have you ever played Theme Hospital? Which diseases out of these do you think the poor old chawnz have had? These are all actual game illnesses, I swear I have not made them up

Sleeping Illness
Uncommon Cold
Broken Wind
Corrugated Ankles
The Squits
Heaped Piles
Gut Rot
Discrete Itching
Gastric Ejections
Chronic Nose Hair
Spare Ribs
Kidney Beans
Golf Stones
Unexpected Swelling (little phil )
Broken Heart
Ruptured Nodules
Iron Lungs
King Complex
TV Personalities
Infectious Laughter
Sweaty Palms
3rd Degree Sideburns
Fake Blood
Bloaty Head
Slack Tongue
Fractured Bones
Alien DNA
Serious Radiation
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