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I really don't think p hill would ever let me near Emma look at him on the show he is a controle freak. Is Emma even approachable to people she dosen't know? Do they live anywhear near Liverpool trust me it would my dream to date her. I am not a big guy I am quite thin. Or don't smoke. But if Emma. Wanted to chain smoke I am totally cool with that. Phills the big problem and the fact he would call the cops for stalking his girl.
They live in Lancashire, which is not too distant from Merseyside. I'm sure there is a train, possibly even a coach, that can take you to her, if you have no transport of your own.

And don't even think about stalking her.

Court her. Approach her on twitter, it worked for Melanie Sykes' new boyfriend, no reason why it wouldn't work for you. Offer to take her out to dinner, buy her chocolates, pay her compliments.

She will stand up to her father if she believes in you. Phil is a typical bully, all bravado and bluster, don't let him intimidate you if a date with Emma Chawner is what you want.
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