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You'd have to move in with them, and sleep in the same room as phil n aud. You could all be in the same bed like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Hey, you're in for a treat. Chawners gets repeated from next week. In series two Emma accidentally flashes her undercarriage while wrestling with her toga
Loopy, your imagination is worrying me

Although you are right, if Gaston and Emma get together (and I believe she does intend to be married before she is 23, which is in August, so she is ready for a whirlwind courtship) they will undoubtedly end up living in Chawner Towers, playing happy families with the rest of them.

Unless Gaston is assertive enough, and can persuade his blushing bride to elope to Liverpool with him? Home to the development of the of pop music in the 60's, that should be enough to convince Emma Liverpool is the place to be.
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