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hmv have got 20% off all bluray until monday night.

a lot of the site is overpriced but some real bargains to be had, particularly the pre-orders. the bond boxset works out as 74 (most places have it as 90) and the avengers steelbook is 13
I got an email for this, thats how i found out, spent a few pounds tonight on blu rays, mostly on pre-orders... avengers steelbook, sons of anarchy Season 4, also got final season of entourage for only 14 quid which comes out on Monday also a few odd cheap blu rays movies as well. Was thinkng of getting S1 -S3 of dexter on blu ray with the 20% off brings them down to 24 quid each but i think once they are released they may well come down cheaper than that eventually so may not bother with them.
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